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Reverse Engineering
We specialise in Reverse Engineering and remanufacturing projects for the Heritage Vehicle market, taking component samples, original drawings or discussed requirements to deliver replacement items and assemblies.  We use 3D Scanning, CMM and hand tools to capture the shape and form of the subject, translating that to CAD in the form of 3D models and technical drawings to then enable manufacture.

Manufacturing resource

We provide a "request to supply" service, taking your existing or original drawings, from any era, and sourcing manufacture in order to replenish stock, remanufacture formerly obsolete stock or to replace damaged or failed items.  We Project Manage the process from initial enquiry through to delivery.

We accommodate items large or small, quantities high or low, working with you to satisfy your requirements.

Motorsport mechanical design
We execute mechanical design tasks for motorsport applications, having done so since 2000.  Engine installations in particular, with cast, fabricated, machined and laminated componentry all encountered.  We embrace the smaller scale detail work required for multi function Steering Wheels and the component and Jig design required for larger fabrications such as Chassis and Suspension items.  All design tasks have included the selection of associated components, the sourcing of Suppliers and close contact with sub assembly and build stages.  Bills Of Materials compiled for assemblies.

Bespoke mechanical design

It follows that the higher tech. level of design, engineering and manufacturing associated with motorsport is well suited to products outside of that sphere, and is nowadays achievable in a cost effective way due to the trickle down effect of that technology.  The compact Digital Video Camera assembly is typical of such a product; designed on CAD, 3D Printed prototype to prove fit and function prior to production volumes, aerospace spec. aluminium turned on a CNC Lathe, hard anodised finish.

How we work

We are interested in discussing your project and working with you to deliver on your requirements.

We promise a common sense, pragmatic and confidential approach to any project, preferring regular communication along the way – this fosters a collaborative relationship, resulting in the expected outcome whilst at the same time serving to build trusted relationships.
We live increasingly in a digital world and whilst the digital tools that we often use are well suited to Reverse Engineering, remanufacturing and bespoke design tasks, in our experience they are not always the preferred method - sometimes requirements are satisfied with the use of sketches, hand tools and discussion.

  • One offs to replace failed or damaged components.

  • Small or large batch sizes to replace dwindling stock.

  • Remanufacture in any quantity to replace obsolete stock.

  • IP remains that of the client.

  • Reverse engineered using scanning and/or manual measurement and CAD

  • Remanufacturing from original, period drawings.

  • Project managed from inception to delivery to you.


If you have a requirement, whatever the nature, discuss it with us and together we'll conclude a way forward.



ES Products & Design Ltd, based in Northamptonshire, is born out of a career that has encompassed practical roles - a valuable motor vehicle apprenticeship and 5 seasons of professional single seater motorsport (British Formula 3 and International F3000), preparing, repairing and setting up cars for the team’s aspiring drivers.  Degree level professional qualifications in Mechanical Engineering dovetail with practical capabilities, which encompass Design Engineering within the motorsport sector, Project Management, Procurement and Supplier liaison.  This combination forms the foundation of our work ethic and our offering to clients.

Edward Smith, Director

E.S. Products & Design Ltd

We are interested to discuss your requirements and to provide you with a solution to your projects - please get in touch, we're ready to to talk to you on a confidential basis.

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