A career spent in Motorsport is a hard habit to kick !  We are always interested in any Motorsport related projects from both design and manufacturing perspectives.  From single item recreations or bespoke designs, to more complex assemblies such as engine installations or multi function Steering Wheels, we're interested to discuss and understand your expectations and requirements with a view to providing a solution for your project.

Front Wing End Plate reverse engineer.

An iconic car typical of those from a memorable era of Grand Prix racing when the proliferation of aerodynamic design tools and their results took hold and when high revving engines screamed power and sounded as they should !


From an original raced sample, we took a scan, created a CAD model from the resulting data and provided that to the customer for manufacture.

Marussia MVR02 - Shroud for DRS pneumatics.

Tour de Force F1 provide the ultimate in driving experiences with their fleet of thoroughbred F1 cars which are prepared, transported and run for your exhileration by their F1 experienced staff.  A typical car in their stable is the Marussia MVR02, in this case requiring a 3D Printed Shroud for the DRS pneumatics, which was in turn shrouded in carbon-fibre - itself a novel way to use the print as a mould for a one off requirement.  We measured the car on site, CAD modelled the Shroud and Project Managed manufacture of the printed item.  A great example showing the variety of project in which we are involved.

Marussia whole car scan for Tour de Force F1 (TdF1)

Without access to original Moulds or even Patterns, there is only one way to protect your asset and to ensure a seamless ongoing business, and that is to commission a whole car scan, especially when that business is all about managing ex F1 cars for the likes of you and me to drive !  All body panels, aero. surfaces, the complete floor and other minor parts were 3D scanned and the data provided to the customer for future use if required.  This is an inexpensive precaution, or insurance policy, against future damage.  The following links provide more insight into the 3D scanning and reverse engineering processes used for this project:



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