Bugatti Type 31 Front Brake Back Plate.

Saturday, 14:00 Hrs....."Hi Ed, a Front Brake Back Plate on the Bugatti failed on me at Chateau Impney last weekend and I need to be out at Prescott next weekend - can you help ?!"

By Tuesday evening - intact Back Plate scanned, CAD model and detail drawing completed, known and trusted supplier teed up and procuring material.

By Thursday evening - a pair of replacement components had been machined on the Haas CNC, inspected and delivered to the customer.

By Saturday evening they had been shot blasted to give an authentic appearance, fitted to the car and the car loaded, ready for a successful Prescott outing and one happy customer !

Our ability to embrace the urgency, willingness to respond and to collaborate with associated parties was the only way to get the job done - very satisfying !.......perhaps not such a tight deadline next time eh ?!!

Morris 8 Engine and Suspension items.

Whatever your requirement, we'll appraise it and provide you with a planned solution.  It is a pleasure to work with the Morris Register to replenish their shortages, in this instance, the manufacture of Wheel Nuts and Tappet Screws, both in volume, having been provided with used samples from which to create manufacturing drawings.  Measure, draw, manufacture, supply........all in one cost effective and efficient package.

Rolls Royce Silver Cloud Suspension & Brake items

Look at the quality and consistency of these King Pins and Valves - typical of the level of workmanship that we strive to achieve.  Using the original Rolls Royce drawings, we Project Managed the manufacture of 100 and 200 off respectively of these safety critical items from order to delivery, and provided all supporting documentation - material Certificate of Conformity, Heat Treatment certificate and Inspection Report - a well drilled, reliable and organised one stop shop.

Austin 7 Spare parts

Seen here are a selection of projects.  Firstly, two different lengths of 1/4" BSF Tapered Pins for the Seven Brake Linkage, 2000 of each size delivered on time and at a competitive price.  Secondly, 1500 x Oil Pump Vanes which were manufactured from an original drawing, preceded by a few samples for approval.

Give us a sample and a brief and leave us to do the leg work for you, all the way to delivery.

A very quick and incomplete 3D scan to show how technology can complement tradition.  Having scanned local areas, or the complete vehicle, printed images can then be sketched on to help design and confirm the required panel shapes.  Subsequent CAD or graphic design skills use the scan data and sketches to help in the iterative process of panel styling and design.  This process can be shared via email or similar between all interested parties, negating the need for on site meetings.  Once the design is agreed upon, the data can be used to design and manufacture bucks, templates and knocking blocks.  It also provides a permanent record of the vehicle's form for use in future repairs, for insurance purposes and as an addition to the vehicle's records.

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