We use a range of tools and skills

  • Siemens NX CAD modelling and GD&T drafting

  • Manual measurement using hand tools

  • In-house 3D Scanning using our portable, hand held, professional grade equipment

  • Coordinate Measurement (CMM)

  • Broad and trusted list of suppliers for all manufacturing methods, including Castings, Machining,Composites, Fabrication, 3D Printing

  • Procurement

  • Full Project Management from inception to delivery

  • Project feasibility discussion

We promise

  • An uncomplicated, common sense approach

  • A pragmatic ethos based on a practical background allied to professional qualifications

  • Communication

  • Collaboration

More detail

CAD, or Computer Aided Design, allows us to create on a computer a digital replica of the components being reverse engineered or designed in the form of a 3D solid model.  The model links directly to a fully dimensioned and toleranced (GD&T) 2D technical drawing.  Model and drawing together enable manufacture using all forms of modern, digitally controlled machines such as CNC mills and lathes, Laser Cutting and 3D Printing.  Crucially, these processes complement traditional manufacturing skills by permitting the craftsman to focus on skilled tasks instead of mundane, reducing lead times and costs when manufacturing a batch of assemblies or parts and improving consistency.

CAD is fed either by 3D scan data, CMM data or the manual measurements taken using hand tools such as Calipers, Height Gauges and Micrometers.  The 3D model is progressively built around this information in such a way that future design changes are easily incorporated.

We use known, reliable and trusted suppliers and embrace new supply partners where the manufacturing process dictates.  We predominantly source from the UK but also have links to supply from abroad.